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21 May 2011


This post could help an ex-friend of mine who has an epileptic daughter, and is going through a divorce.

Physician Larry Dossey cites an experiment with epilectic children where families were videotaped as they carried out their daily lives. Occasionally there were emotional outbursts from the children which were often followed by seizures. When the kids were shown the tapes and saw the relationship between the emotional events and their seizures they became almost seizure-free. SEE: Barbara Brown, "Supermind: the Ultimate Energy", p. 275, as quoted in Dossey's "Space, Time, and Medicine", pp 112-113.

Now, common sense will tell you that when your home life is turbulent, your kids are going to get messed up in one way or another. In a way, having epilepsy is good because then you can actually see the damage done to the child as a physical symptom. Most forms of damage aren't that easy to spot, and when psychiatrists point out that the way a child is being raised causes the child to have problems, the parents only want to deny it and pretend their home life is perfect. They even go to such extremes to hide their own inadequacies as parents by hiding the fact that the child was sexually molested (or suffered other types of trauma in the home), which puts extreme pressure on the child, and causes behavioral problems, which leads to more frequent episodes of seizure.

It is MUCH better to just admit the truths, deal with them, and let your children learn by example that honesty is the best policy. If you and your spouse cannot get along, why make the children suffer? Just end it already. I believe you can never start too early in preparing your child for the REAL world. It is the failure of parents to do this which causes children to never fully grow into adulthood, which, in turn, makes them inadequate as parents and spouses, which leads to fighting within the family, which leads to more screwed up children.

Also helpful in treating epilepsy, obviously, is to make the child COMFORTABLE, so as to thereby reduce the seizure-enducing emotional outbursts mentioned by Dr. Dossey. The easiest way you can do this is with the proper use of COLORS, SCENTS, and SOUNDS. Pick one of your child's favorite, soothing songs. Put it onto a CD by itself. Play it as a loop for the child, and while you do, use candles and essential oils to create a whole atmosphere around the child (also, consider using colored paint on the walls-something so simple that most people overlook it, leaving the child to stare at stark, white walls which inspire feelings of nothing).

You can burn the oils for your child's astrological sign in either an electric oil burner or a tealight-powered burner, or a potpourri burner (be sure to keep it out of reach of smaller children). Some simple astrological oil blends can be found on my OILS page. Or use blends of these herbs/oils for well-being: fresh peppermint, thyme, chamomile, bay, sandalwood, yarrow, elder, jasmine, orchid, rose, honeysuckle, violet, catnip, peach and lemon.

Colors are light peach, pastel orange, pastel pink, and pastel blue (and I mean LIGHT, pastel colors! Nothing TOO bright, just a hint of color, a few shades is all! Don't go crazy and overdo it. If painting the walls is not an option, think about getting a white flat sheet and painting a light pastel blue with clouds pattern on it, and hanging it up. You can even get the child to help with this! even if it's just putting their little hands in fingerpaint and putting their palm prints as accents on the background, but again : LIGHT COLORS!!!).

Lastly, LOVE and CHERISH those children! They didn't ask to be born, YOU brought them here. They may be an obligation, but they are also a joy and a treasure. DON'T FORGET THIS!!!

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