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02 August 2011



It seems we can all help each other. The "EX"-friend mentioned in your EPILEPSY blog was actually MINE, & in the spirit of continuing to help my ex-friend, I was hoping you would publish this for me (THANKS!). AN OPEN LETTER TO SCOTT D. MANY, SCOTT S. MANY, S.D. MANY,,, "LUKE" Many, "LUKE ASCOTT", Mr. Part-time Supervisor at UPS 3 Warehouse Ln Elmsford NY 10523, FASTDEALS, 3 Ivanhoe Pl Briarcliff Manor NY 10510, etc...DEAR SCOTT, I know you are going thru some VERY tough times, I saw it when I returned to UPS as a disabled veteran. I once told you that I really hoped you didn't mess things up for yourself because you never know when you will need a friend. You said you hoped you didn't, either. I also told you that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES would I let you fall in love with me (too late!), nor would I let you leave your wife for me. THAT MEANS ALSO NOT LETTING YOU BE SO STUPID THAT SHE LEAVES YOU! I'm trying to keep all my promises but every time i try to help you keep your family together, you go off the deep end! TALK TO ME! YOU said we could talk about ANYTHING. SO, why are you so scared to answer this: DID UPS force you/coerce you into LYING? I only went after your WIFE because EVERYBODY left her open. WHO IS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY LOSING MY JOB? Let's FIX THIS, FIX YOUR FAMILY, and FIX YOU! You told me you had NO TIME for yourself. You have lost YOURSELF, your family, your house, and your friend-ME. I KNEW your wife would figure it all out, that is why I offered to settle-so she wouldn't dump you. You twisted that like you twisted everything else. CONSIDER- KYLE-FIRED. CURTIS-FIRED. New business agents. UPS'S attorneys know the truth because of me and your now-transparent lies. PLEASE do not lose EVERYTHING. Talk to me, settle WESTCHESTER SUPREME COURT INDEX NUMBER 012265-2009 for your FAMILY! You need to grow. Now is the time to take the first steps in your new life. DON'T BLOW IT! TALK TO ME, I am and have always been open to talk even though you were bordering on sexually harassing me and your lies got me fired, cost me my healthcare, etc, I did tell you I was your friend, and this is the one last thing a friend can do for you, ease your conscience, ease your fears, ease your financial strain, and maybe start you on the path of picking up the pieces. Who knows? If you prove you can handle this, your wife may reconsider everything. Or, later, you may re-unite. Or, you could even start a second family as long as you have a steady base to grow on. TALK is free. Please DON'T LOSE EVERYTHING, seek some professional help, if you are still sleep deprived and panicky, you aren't doing yourself or anyone any good. Reign in the paranoia for once, sherlock. How could, or why would, you even say you were my friend so many times if you didn't honestly believe it unless you are the biggest fraud in the world. UPS believed your lies, but your wife didn't. And I did know when you were making stuff up, I know things you did behind my back, but you are mentally ill. I feel as much compassion for you, with hypochondria, paranoia, and compulsive lying as I did for your daughter with epilepsy. I told you I overlook character flaws. I NEVER wanted you to lose your family, I tried to prevent it, but that happened. PICK UP THE PIECES and start out RIGHT this time, in your heart, your soul, and your brain, and you may succeed in living to be older than your father was. I am here, but ONLY if you are ready to be honest this time. I am the only one who was. Being genuine is NOT hard! Your family will really love the new YOU. BE HONEST, and let's FIX THIS before it is too late. You know UPS cannot be trusted. Take a chance for once. Stand up, stand tall, and settle this thing NOW. Be smart. There have been THREE FAILED ATTEMPTS to get rid of this case PLUS you&your wife's further dirty tricks last October, which DID NOT WORK! YOU ARE DESTROYING YOUR LIFE, MY LIFE, TRISH'S LIFE, LUKE'S LIFE, RYAN'S LIFE, and JACKSON'S LIFE. WAS IT WORTH IT? GROW UP, deal with it, stop paying UPS'S ATTORNEYS, the guys who now know all the lies of you, your wife, Kyle, Curtis, the Union, YOUR bosses, etc...YOU WILL ONLY LOSE! THEY left your wife open, THEY cannot beat me in court, Trish's BROTHER could not beat me. Why? BECAUSE EITHER YOUR WIFE WAS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY BEING FIRED, or UPS- or you, in one of your paranoid sleepless days- MADE HER DO IT. DID UPS LIE? IT will take all of us to figure it out unless the truth is: YOU DELIBERATELY LIED, DRAGGED YOUR WIFE IN, AND DID THIS BECAUSE YOU REALLY ARE A COMPLETE AND TOTAL ASSHOLE. I still believe that if you WERE just deliberately an asshole, I would never have befriended you. I initially saw some good in you. I hope it's still there, for your sake. Abbe.

SO, OK. You are right. YOUR ex-friend. THANK YOU, Abbe, AND YOU ARE WELCOME. I hope this man finally learns to accept himself and live up to his full potential physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, etc... I also, above all, hope he learns to LOVE LIFE!!!